Friday, May 6, 2016

Ted Talk Reaction

I feel as if Sherry Turkles content in her presentation was a lot of grey matter, and it dragged on quite a bit. What was she trying to sway people to? She give plenty of great metaphors and her speech is very well put together, and her points make sense. Social Media is different for everyone, not everyone uses it because they are alone, but I have no doubt that some people do. Technology is taking us some where we don't want to be for sure. It has gotten a lot of people, young and old in dangerous situations, ruined lives and homes. Inappropriate things happen in messenger and children sometimes can be targeted. With conversation, over social media- it can be misinterpreted easily because you';re not in person. you cannot see their faces, or hear the voice of their well being to understand fully what is being said. When this happens we loose touch with human interaction, we don;t look at faces anymore, and we find that because of that we have a hard time reading some people, because we get used to reading their messages instead.

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