Friday, May 6, 2016

Ted Talk Reaction

I feel as if Sherry Turkles content in her presentation was a lot of grey matter, and it dragged on quite a bit. What was she trying to sway people to? She give plenty of great metaphors and her speech is very well put together, and her points make sense. Social Media is different for everyone, not everyone uses it because they are alone, but I have no doubt that some people do. Technology is taking us some where we don't want to be for sure. It has gotten a lot of people, young and old in dangerous situations, ruined lives and homes. Inappropriate things happen in messenger and children sometimes can be targeted. With conversation, over social media- it can be misinterpreted easily because you';re not in person. you cannot see their faces, or hear the voice of their well being to understand fully what is being said. When this happens we loose touch with human interaction, we don;t look at faces anymore, and we find that because of that we have a hard time reading some people, because we get used to reading their messages instead.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Technology Then & Now

We know everything, and everyone has a certain history. So recently I have dived into thinking about my own history, how I grew up and how things are looking for the future, in the social media department. What was your first experience with the internet? We remember our first time riding a two wheeler bike for the first time, we remember our birthdays and turning points in our lives. Sometimes we don't notice just how much of a turning point out first experience with technology as been for us. Had I not turned on the TV when I was eight and discovered Disney channel, I would not have logged on to the internet to play Hannah Montana games on
I was late in getting into the vibe of things on the internet when I was young according to my friends. I had just turned ten and my friend Brittany logged into her g-mail. I was clueless as to what is was and why she needed it, it was for adults in my mind; and Brittany was surprised I didn't know what email was. I was just as confused as her. This moment lead to me making my first email account, which now that I am older and more involved with social media is the universal key to making any social media account, And then there was the time I discovered YouTube. I really got astonished looks from my elementary school buddies when they found out I never heard and a thing called YouTube. Now, YouTube is equivalent to my life. I find songs i don't know the name of, and funny cat videos for when I am sick. And I am not sure how my life would be without Facebook or YouTube.
What i have discovered now is that social media has made us dependent on it. We always share things in our life on Facebook. We share videos and pictures and links and games and everything you can think of. Personally, I am a shutterbug. I love taking photos of my cats and dogs and of the maple tree in back yard in the winter. Selfies make me feel more attractive than my mirror does, and I only look normal in a picture if I am the one taking it. I am on Instagram sorely for the purpose of the beautiful filters and editing options on it, not for followers. I take pictures of things that make me feel good, like myself cuddling my dog on a snowy day, and  in a few weeks or months later when I am feeling down or sick, I go to Instagram and go through my photos to remind myself of the positives in my life. I will think, "oh yeah, I have a dog at home that's counting on my happiness". As cheesy as it sounds, it really does work. However, it has become a sad thing that I need the internet to be happy. I am sure this had evolved into an unhealthy addiction, and it most likely will not hurt to put the phone down and turn to my family and friends for a real relationship.
How has technology evolved in your life?